Do you require broadband installing? or are you looking to expand your home network?

If you are looking to install broadband for the first time there are a number of things to look for before committing to the expense.


1) Do an online check to see if broadband is available at your home address.

2) Decide where in your home you will most likely be wanting to use the internet, i.e the lounge or even in the garden and plan for this.

3) Decide if you want to be wired to the router or would prefer a  wireless connection, considering thickness of walls and distance.

4) Give Exmouth Home Computers a call on 01395 542543 and we can assist you when making this decision. 

If so we can help

We have many years experience installing broadband and can advise you on some of the pitfalls. We can advise on ISP, which router to choose and how to prevent issues in the future. Please call us on 01395 542543.