Are you having issues with you email? are they lost or not arriving?

These are common issues that we see nearly every day. But do not fear Exmouth Home Computers have various utilities and practices to recover and improve your email.


If you are having problems with an Outlook PST file being locked or your Outlook Express DBF files being corrupt, don't panic. Exmouth Home Computers have a number of programs and processes to recover and recreate these seemingly terminally damaged mail boxes.

We use a number of recovery programs that have recovered numerous mailboxes over the years. A number of these issues have been with Outlook PST files which have either become corrupt or on older versions, over sized. Our processes have allowed us to recover a very high percentage of these completely. Following recovery we are then able to setup a backup procedure to prevent this type of failure in future.


Are using Outlook or Outlook Express? What would be the outcome of not having your email's? Would it affect you?

Exmouth Home Computers have a number of solutions to backup your email's locally and/or using online backup. We have manual systems where we setup a process for you to backup as required or automated and synchronised solutions to keep your backup up to date without your input.

We have many years experience sorting email problems. Please call us on 01395 542543